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Content can only be uploaded by verified performer profiles or AK Media International Ltd authorised administrators. This website does NOT allow the uploading or downloading of the following prohibited content:


• Under Age Limitations. All actors must be (and appear to be) at least 18 years of age.

• Incestuous sex/Intamacy - whether real or implied.

• Animals. No living animals (besides humans) are allowed. Sex or implied sex with animals is not allowed.

• Necrophilia, Horror, Snuff. All actors must be alive, both before and after. No one may be maimed or killed, whether real or simulated.


• Crushing. No crushing of animals (other than humans).

• Penetration in bondage, "Fisting". No one may be penetrated while all limbs are bound or be penetrated with one's fist (anal or otherwise).

• Non-consensual Sex, Forced Sex. No one may be forced to have sex against their will, whether real or implied.


 Blood, Scat, Vomit. No blood, faeces or vomit may be shown, whether real or simulated.

• Pissing/Peeing. No consumption of urine or urinating on other people.

• Weapons, Drugs, Chloroform or any illegal substance. No weapons, drugs, chloroform or any illegal substance causing intoxication, impaired judgement or unconsciousness.

• Content can only be uploaded by verified performer profiles, AK Media Ltd and APN Management ltd or their authorised administrators. This website prohibits the uploading or downloading of activity / content that is illegal or otherwise violates card association standards.

You are required to verify and document the identity and age of all persons appearing with you on camera, to ensure that all persons depicted are adults and you must be able to provide supporting documents upon request.
You must obtain and retain a written record of consent from all persons appearing with you on camera. They must specifically consent to each of the following areas:
• Consent to be depicted in the content
• Consent to allow for the public distribution of the content and to upload the content to the  Merchant’s website 
• If the content will be made available for downloading by other users, consent to have the content downloaded